• Nancy Sipera, guest columnist in the Philadelphia Business Journal What does your logo and name say about you to clients and prospects? For the former Revel Casino, newly renamed Ten, that’s the question that people are asking. Upon first hearing the new name, Ten, the image that came to mind was – honestly, nothing came to mind. Well, the number 10 was pictured in my mind, yes, but that’s all. I asked a colleague what he thought of when he heard the name Ten and he said, “Bo Derek.” Not a bad image to conjure up, I’ll admit. I’ll tell you what I didn’t envision – glamour, decadence, luxury, or elegance - words that have been used to describe Ten

  • 1. Word-of-Mouth Works Wonders If existing customers recommend your service to friends, colleagues and associates, you stand a great chance of getting new business. This is a great way of marketing, as it involves no cost to you and the new business you get is likely to be a warm and long-lasting relationship. Consider offering incentives to existing customers if they can drum up new business. 2. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes Focus all of your efforts on emphasizing the benefits of your product, (for example, if you make tennis rackets, highlight how yours can help hit the ball harder), rather than highlighting obvious points, such as product features. 3. Be Crystal Clear You should be able to get

  • Fall and winter are the heavy seasons for trade shows. Trade shows can help you do the following things: Test out a new project, item or service Pickup new leads to add to call, email or mailing lists Meet decision makers face-to-face Increase company name awareness Here are a few "must-have's" for your next show: Hand-outs: brochure, postcard - something that the prospect can view after the show to remember you by Promotional Giveaways: pens are the old "stand-by" but I have always liked something clever, that you're prospect can really use. Such as a tape measure for realtors. Eyeglass cleaners for an optometrist. You get the idea. Big Sign: Have a sign that your prospects can't miss. Table Drape:

  • You've received newsletters from suppliers, and are wondering if your company could benefit from a newsletter. Here's a few reasons why to consider your own company newsletter: A Resource: Keeps your client base up-to-date on new happenings at your company and the industry. Become the expert that they turn to with a question or problem. A Reminder: A newsletter keeps your name "top-of-mind" and reminds customers that you are there to meet their needs. What to Include? Customer testimonials, related tips or articles, case studies, customer discounts or coupons. Contests or chances to win a free product or service are fun ways to get your customers involved also. How Often? A newsletter's frequency can vary. It depends on your industry

  • Outdoor Media: Best known as outdoor billboards, these have the ability to reach hundreds, even thousands of people per day, as the amount of automobile commuters continues to grow. Strategically placed billboards can help boost product or name awareness, as well as incite a call to action. The Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) divides outdoor advertising venues into four major categories: transit system or mobile advertising and advertising on public furniture made up approximately another thirty percent, and alternative advertising brought in the last percentage points of the 5.8 billion spent to catch the eye of the outgoing public. Who Uses Outdoor Media? At least seven out of ten outdoor ads promote local businesses. The proportion of local advertising


Q. What can a marketing firm do for my company?

They can significantly help with your company’s branding, by making it undeniable clear what you do, what problems you solve, and how your company can help solve specific problems.

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“From working with Nancy and her team, we were able to discover what type of client we work with the best, and zero in on our ideal prospects. As a result of this, we have seen our client base nearly triple in the last 6 months.”

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