• Here’s an excerpt from a recent meeting with a prospective client: FIA: So what would you say makes you different from your competitors? P: Our customer service! FIA: And what does that mean exactly? P: Well, it means that we always answer our phones. And we show up when we say we will. If I had a dollar for each business owner who answered this way…well, I’d have a very tall stack of dollars. This is the most common answer to this question, regardless of industry. I’ve heard it from presidents in retail, professional services, trade and manufacturing alike. Last time I checked, showing up on time is expected, not a unique selling trait. Same with answering your phones. Want

  • Here's an excerpt from a recent conversation with a client during an intake session… FIA: What marketing have you done in the past? Client: We’ve done lots of ads, postcards, trade shows and e-blasts. FIA: What’s working? Client: I’m not sure. FIA: Did you see an increase in revenue or an uptick in new clients since last year? Client: When we do marketing and advertising, it makes the phone ring - and the emails start coming in and we get orders. But we’re not sure which things are working. FIA: So why not just keep doing what you’re doing? Client: Well, we’re spending a lot of money on marketing, and we’d like to cut out the poor performers and try

  • WHAT: Kids Clothing Drive (0-12 years) WHO BENEFITS? Disadvantaged South Jerseyans who could benefit from job training programs - disadvantaged individuals and those with disabilities, provided by Goodwill Industries. More than 87 cents of every dollar generated by Goodwill supports its programs. WHEN: November 13 - December 27, 2017 DROP OFF: First Impressions' Office: 385 Kings Highway North, Cherry Hill NJ PICK UP: Call 856-667-4882 What’s Needed: • Clothing • Winter boots + sneakers • Winter coats • Hats, gloves, scarves • Fall/Spring jackets • Books (baby board books and chapter books) • New arts and crafts/school supplies • Baby Accessories (sling, Bjorn, Snuggli, etc.) • Diaper Bags What We Can’t Accept: • Items that have been banned or recalled

  • Here's a gathering of statistics about what people are doing online: 52% of online adults now use two or more social media sites. The number of worldwide social media users is expected to reach 2.5 billion by 2018. 100 million Internet users watch online video each day. 70% of the U.S. population has at least one social networking profile. 64% of sales professionals reported closing at least one deal in 2014 as a direct result of using social media. 57% of consumers say they’d be somewhat or very influenced to think more highly of a business after seeing positive comments or praise online, and 16% say they only share positive reviews on social media. Mothers with children under the age

  • Nancy Sipera, guest columnist in the Philadelphia Business Journal What does your logo and name say about you to clients and prospects? For the former Revel Casino, newly renamed Ten, that’s the question that people are asking. Upon first hearing the new name, Ten, the image that came to mind was – honestly, nothing came to mind. Well, the number 10 was pictured in my mind, yes, but that’s all. I asked a colleague what he thought of when he heard the name Ten and he said, “Bo Derek.” Not a bad image to conjure up, I’ll admit. I’ll tell you what I didn’t envision – glamour, decadence, luxury, or elegance - words that have been used to describe Ten

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Q. What can a marketing firm do for my company?

They can significantly help with your company’s branding, by making it undeniable clear what you do, what problems you solve, and how your company can help solve specific problems.

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“From working with Nancy and her team, we were able to discover what type of client we work with the best, and zero in on our ideal prospects. As a result of this, we have seen our client base nearly triple in the last 6 months.”

- FocalPoint

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