• This week I interviewed Annemarie Eggink, a professional organizer, who explained that getting organized is more than straightening up your desk. It involves incorporating strategies that work for you personally, as well as physical organization. Do-It-Yourself Tips: Annemarie says there are four Degrees of Organization: 1. Hot. This is your desktop, the drawers of your desk. This is the place for things that you touch and use on a daily basis. 2. Warm.This is the bookshelf near your desk or a filing cabinet. These are for things that you use weekly. 3. Cold. This could be your assistant's desk or a storage desk. Put things here that you need to see on a monthly or quarterly basis. 4. Arctic. This

  • Today I found out that the number of listeners to my radio segment, Marketing Chat with Nancy Sipera nearly quadrupled! We went from 1000 listeners per day to 4500 listeners! And what makes this info even juicier to a marketing geek like myself, is that these numbers are trackable. Our listeners login online, so each one is documented. All I can say is...OMG! It looks like we're talking about issues that resonate with businesspeople. If you have been one of those listeners who have been tuning in, all I can say is....thanks.  

  • On yesterday's show, we discussed the pros and cons of Cloud Computing: PROS: An ideal solution for data backup. Your data is stored remotely, which means your data is stored safely, in case of a disaster (fire, flood, robbery). You can access office systems remotely - from home, on the road - the beach! It's not necessary to install software onto your computers. Work is done "in the clouds" via the internet. CONS: You need to make sure that the Cloud service you're working with is reputable. If they disappear, so does your office systems, data, backup, etc. Make sure that the site you're using is secure. Read reviews. Find out what users are saying about the company. Cloud computing

  • On today's show we talked about publicity, and things you can do to get public relations attention for you and your company: Write a press release. Make it professional, interesting, informative and entertaining. Don't shamelessly promote your company or cause. Stick to the facts and stay objective. Answer These Questions. Whether your goal is to get on radio, newsprint, tv or online, you have to attract the attention of the editor - ask yourself - from the point of view of the editor: Why should I care? Why should I care now? Keep It Simple. Keep your release to no more than 400 words. Go Online. Post your press release to online news websites. This will get your release picked

  • In August, I interviewed Frank Keith, Executive Director at The Incubators at Burlington County College about 3 Things You Need to Turn An Idea Into A Business: 1. Know Your Target Audience. You must know who you're selling to - in detail. Industry, geographic location, title, number of employees, gross annual earnings - the more details you have, the better. 2. Know Your Operating Budget. Have an estimate figured out of the dollars it will take to run your business for the first 1-2 years, and what your source is for supporting the business. 3. Resources. Do you have the skills and people in place to get started? Make sure you have the key skill-sets in place before you begin.


Q. What can a marketing firm do for my company?

They can significantly help with your company’s branding, by making it undeniable clear what you do, what problems you solve, and how your company can help solve specific problems.

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“From working with Nancy and her team, we were able to discover what type of client we work with the best, and zero in on our ideal prospects. As a result of this, we have seen our client base nearly triple in the last 6 months.”

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