Marketing Manager

What Are Your Marketing Needs?

Do you need a marketing manager to consult with:

  • Regularly
  • On a temporary or seasonal basis
  • Quarterly
  • End of year
  • As needed


Do you need a marketing manager that:

  • Thinks strategically
  • Offers a knowledgeable second opinion
  • Has marketing director capabilities
  • Knows what’s not working and how to fix it
  • Gets results
  • Knows how to manage suppliers
  • Brings a steady flow of marketing ideas
  • Understands how/when to use the 200+ marketing tools available today
  • Identifies key problems in a marketing campaign
  • Can manage an existing marketing plan



  • The budget doesn’t allow you to bring on the level of expertise you want full-time
  • The work flow doesn’t require a full-time marketing person
  • The need set requires a variety of skills that you can’t find in just one person


Pricing: Our expertise is available per project, bulk or retainer.

Need more information before calling us? Review our client list (link to client list page) and testimonials (link to testimonials) from your neighbors and business leaders in your community.

Marketing Manager services include:

  • Development of Advertising Plan/Budget
  • Development of a Marketing Strategy
  • Identification of Marketing Goals, Target Audience, Tracking Development
  • Project Management: oversee each phase of marketing project
  • Critique of Marketing Collateral: design, content, call to action, tracking
  • Art Direction: concept creation, implementation of project
  • Bids for Suppliers – print, media, design, mailhouse
  • Creative Direction of Photography Sessions
  • Coordination of Direct Mail Campaign

Download more information: FIA-Consulting