Online Marketing Tools That Are Under $1000

Aug 02, 2013

Today we talked about online marketing tools for under $1000. I have devoted the last few segments of my radio show talking about digital marketing – and I get more questions about this topic than any other. The one thing I’ve learned from the last few segments is this: many people are unsure about what they should be doing to market themselves and their companies online.

Today’s guest, Jon Dewees, a digital marketing expert, explained how 3 digital tools work – all of them under $1000. So if you want to move your online presence forward, consider one of these:

1. Mobile Website. At least 25% of website viewers are using a mobile device. If your site is not easily viewable this way, you’re losing alot of opportunities to those who are. The good news – you don’t need a whole new website to make your site viewable by a mobile phone. A key feature to this tool is having  a “Click to Call” feature which allows a viewer to contact you with one simple click. Not sure what you need? Check out your competitors’ sites and get a feel for what you need to convey – remember, your space is limited, so keep it simple.

2. Re-Targeting Campaign. This digital marketing tool works with Google AdWords and banner ads to keep your product/service ‘top of mind.’ As viewers come to your site, this tool can track their movements as they search online – long after they’ve left your site. If they are on another site that accepts Google Ads, then your banner ad will appear on this page – up to 90 days after they’ve visited your site. We already know that it takes time to make a purchasing decision – from 2 weeks to 6 months, and these ads continue to show up as they are in the midst of the buying cycle. When they are ready to buy – there you are! What’s so special about this type of campaign? Your ads don’t show up everywhere – only where potential buyers are. It’s highly targeted with high frequency – just what you need to close a sale.

3. Sketchmation. Want to explain your product or service with audio and video, but don’t have the budget or the time for a full-out production? Consider animation. It’s eye-catching, gets attention, and is less costly than a true video shoot  (no actors, no film crew). The result? Viewers get engaged, and tend to have better recall of your product/service, as it involves two senses – audio and video.
To see a quick sample of Sketchmation, it’s posted on YouTube:

Let me know your thoughts about these 3 tools – and what you think of Sketchmation.

Source: Encompass DMS

To listen to this segment in its entirety, go to Marketing Chat with Nancy Sipera, 7/30/13

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